Any good software testing certifications other than CAT and RST

Recently I have been asked to suggest some testing certifications for new testers. I have searched here and found the newest post is in 2018. So I will post it again just in case there is any changes. A bit of context, I have followed CAT instructed by Huib and two ISQTB cert. and RST. I would recommend CAT and RST and I find ISQTB is less useful if not dangerous because the materials were quite old. However it seems CAT is no longer available. So my plan is to suggest PSM1 + RST. However I am a bit worried RST is a bit too hard for new testers. So my question are,

  1. Has ISQTB cert. been improved over the years?
  2. Is there a good alternative cert. to ISQTB foundation/advance level like CAT (Is ICP-TST good enough)?
    Any comments or suggestions are appreciated, thanks,

First โ€“ any good certification is loads better than no certification. Not just as a line on the resume, either. The things learned may not be immediately obvious as useful, but neither is that funny-looking star-shaped screw driver, until you encounter the screw it fits. Then, itโ€™s oh! Got a tool for that!

I took the ISTQB route, but not by choice, initially. Then discovered the utility of the approaches and tools. Full disclosure: Now on the American boardโ€™s Technical Advisory Group.

Has the ISTQB cert been improved? Yes! ISTQB is building more agile into their processes. See for details. Have to admit, with a shamed face, to not having the Agile Technical Testing certification yet. Note to self: Get on that!

Are there good alternatives, to ISTQB? Sure, they exist. Very important to know what your next prospective position requires or just likes. Or accepts. May be several alternative paths you can take (just what you didnโ€™t want to hear, of course).

However you go about it, good certifications make you learn things that make you a better tester. Know for sure the ISTQB path made me a MUCH better tester. If an old dinosaur like me can learn and apply new tools, itโ€™s doubly so for you younger, more agile sort of folks, so have at!

Good hunting!