Which certification is the better of the two: ICAgile Agile Testing certification (ICP-TST), or ISTQB Agile Tester Extension?

Hi everyone.

Which one of the above two certifications would you say it the best, and why?

Your feedback will be much appreciated. :smile:

ISTQB is multiple choice and the agile tester qualification was an essay. So which one would you consider you need more knowledge to pass, and also which do you think an employer would take more notice of?

But then some firms recruitment attitudes are stuck in 1984, require ISTQB as a default, so logic may not work in answering the above questions.

If you have the normal ISQTB, and want to learn agile, you maybe better off doing a scrum master course.

As for learning testing, you’re probably better off reading testing blogs and working out which books/ courses will be useful in the area of testing you wish to pursue.