Resources to starting with mobile testing

Hi all,

I’m starting now with mobile tests and would like to know if you indicate any resource/book/article so I can organize / start the tests. Basically how to set up a mobile testing strategy / process.

Note: My focus is not automation (for now)

Hi rafael, one major consideration is obviously the devices to use. In my company we use Browserstack and they very usefully have compiled a list of devices to test on based on market data.

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Paging @stephen.janaway. He has a Dojo course here I took his live course at TestBash and found it useful.

We’ve recently published ISTQB Mobile Application Testing syllabus, it could be helpful for those starting with the subject :slight_smile:

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Good to see, will check it out.

here link of mobile testing tutorial i hope this may help

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There’s a new link for ISTQB Mobile Application Testing syllabus:


My team also published a new article or some steps to highlight the same topic, I think it would be helpful to you to start your project…

Hi Rafael!

Here are some of my favorite articles on mobile app testing, a lot of people already shared others that I like as well!