The unexpo coming online...learning buddy time!

(Abigail) #1

Hi again all, I hope you all have been able to stay on the energy wave post Test Bash like I have. It is truely amazing to get those 3 days with you all in Brighton!

For those that don’t know, during the conference day (Friday) I had a little stand at the UnExpo about connection with learning partners, whether it be a teaching/learning relationship or just one for sharing. As a part of that people could select to share their interest in connecting with others on the Club. Well…here is that time to share!

So at the end of the day we had 24 people happy to share details here. A quick summary shows…

6 people looking for chats on Automation
2 on coaching
2 on python
2 on communities of practice
2 on security

and all these other topics…
Exploratory testing
Infrastructure testing
Mobile app testing
Specification by Example
Test Management
Non-web based testing
Creative visualisations
Anything and everything!

So I have started a thread for each of these topics on the mentoring group to keep the conversation going. Whether you are someone who has posted during TestBash or not, come join us and find a way to get the benefits of TestBash year round with a great new learning buddy!