TestBash Brighton UnExpo

Today we announced plans for the TestBash Brighton UnExpo. This will be the first of its kind so I thought it would be a good idea to get some ideas flowing.

What topics would you like to see discussed at the UnExpo? The UnExpo will run during the morning, lunch and afternoon breaks so there are plenty of slots available!

Maybe you have an idea of something you’d like to submit to it but would like some help fleshing it out, why not post it here and have a discussion about it?

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The UnExpo sounds like a great idea and a good opportunity for people to enjoy the time between talks.

Here’s one idea for a topic: The 30 second top tip challenge

  • An individual steps up to the stand
  • They share one top testing tip in no more than 30 seconds – it’s a go-to-tip that helps them enjoy what they do
  • Anyone can step up until time’s up. All participants walk away inspired

What do you think?


There’s two ideas I would be interested in talking with others about.

  1. How much interest would there be for a Midlands testing conference? What would people want there to be? How much would expect it to cost?

  2. Talking about how I helped run the testing community of practice where I work. As Emily is doing a half day workshop and a talk on it, people might be curious how to put it into practice and the lessons I learned the hard way.


I might be misunderstanding the purpose of the UnExpo, but I see it as a good way to formalise discussions on hot or controversial topics within testing or software development. The type of topics I’m thinking of are: testing in production, automation solves all of our problems, alternatives to test cases.

I understand discussions like this will probably happen throughout the conference, spontaneously. But it might be good to ‘advertise’ these discussions at the UnExpo so everyone who is interested can join in.

Or how about a presenter stand during the breaks? Whoever presented in the morning could be there for a sort of Q and A/discussion after their presentation during the break… if they’re up for it, of course. Some people might not like to ask questions in front of an audience, but a discussion in a small group could be different?


One thing that might help is clarifying the difference between the UnExpo and what the Open Space on the Saturday will cover.

Also, after not being able to decide on my two topics, after speaking with Heather she suggested just applying with both and see what happens. Takes the pressure of me deciding at least!

Both the UnExpo and the Open Space are community driven so we can’t really determine what will be covered in either. With the open space, attendees of that event get to suggest topics of discussion and all attendees get to create the timetable and attend what they like. In the UnExpo, all attendees of TestBash get the opportunity to create a poster presenting any topic, question or idea for other attendees to feedback on and engage with. Similar or completely different discussions could take place at both events.

We’ll try to get some examples sent out in the pre-event email to folks to help clarify things. You could also have both of your ideas at the UnExpo @nufenix and at the Open Space if you felt like the audience was different at both or you’d like to explore them further.

Well, depending on what happens with the UnExpo, I may suggest both for the open space on the day and see.

As the UnExpo is completely new to TestBash, and the open space is new to me, it is all a grand adventure!!

at about 25 minutes here, Richard discusses the UnExpo

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Richard has also created a video about the UnExpo


I’m going to be hosting a stand at the UnExpo, with the aim of creating a community ‘Performance Testing Strategy’

At work I took on the challenge of creating a performance testing strategy, and this came almost immediately after completing the 30 Days of Performance Testing challenge with Ministry of Test, which was also my introduction to performance testing. This was obviously a challenge as I’m no expert!

My aim for the UnExpo stand is to have an ‘interactive’ (sticky notes) poster where people can brain-dump performance testing ideas. I’m going to split it into several different areas; types of tests (load, stress etc), areas to test, metrics to report on, tools to use and experts to follow/read. The idea is that if attendees have anything to contribute in these areas then they put a sticky note down.

After TestBash I’m then going to write something about the ideas that people contributed.


Looking forward to seeing your poster out there. Best of luck with it, and Hope you get lots of people wanting to know more and/or help.