TestBash Brighton 2020: Conference Schedule

Can you believe how close TestBash Brighton is?

It’s time to start planning your travel and getting even more excited about the wonderful lineup :tada:

Which talk are you most looking forward to and why?


I’ll go first!

I’m looking forward to all of the talks but I’m particularly interested in the talk from @maryam because burnout is something I’ve unfortunately experienced a few times so I’m interested to see how others have handled it.

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This will be my first 'bash, so my trepidation is fueling my procrastination. I want to attend the Thursday+Friday, and then catch a late train out. Am I leaving it too late, to book, please say yes.

If it’s anything like Manchester, Lunch…

Seriously, though, probably Janet Gregory, but there’s so many that apply to my role and where I want to take Quality within the company. I also promised myself I’d do a 99 second talk, because public speaking terrifies me…


I’m really looking forward to Janet’s talk - it sounds really useful for people who are looking to influence the leaders in their orgs to instate good agile testing practices.
I’m also really looking forward to Shey’s talk - as a pareent, I can see so many connections between being a parent and leading a team, so I feel that I’ll be able to relate to that one already.
I’m also super excited to see Mike Smith’s talk - I love hearing stories about how other jobs are totally relatable to testing, and this sounds exciting!
Equally, I’m excited to hear Meaghan Thompson talk about using the modern testing principles to test for testers. I like the modern testing principles, and I’ve also seen many companies mis-interpret them. So it’ll be interesting to hear Meaghan’s take on them too!

And of course, the 99 second talks are always amazing too! Little nuggets of useful thoughts and ideas that really do spark lots of inspiration.

It’s sure to be a fantastic day!


Hi There. Any suggestions or ideas on what are the stay options at Brighton to attend this conference?

Premier Inns always have nice beds and breakfasts…

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Jurys Inn by the station is probably the closest. There is also an Ibis quite close.

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What train are you thinking of getting out @conrad.braam ?

Like around 9pm or 10pm, there are still trains back out, but when I look at it that way, It feels like a Saturday in Brighton might not be that bad an idea. What time is “registration” on Thursday morning?

Registration on Thursday will be 8:30am with workshops starting at 9 sharp. Hoping to have that schedule up very soon!

There are some lovely breakfast spots around Brighton that @danielbilling or @rosie might be able to suggest if you do stick around until Saturday morning. A 9pm train would leave you plenty of time to have chats and dinner too though :slight_smile:

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Look forward to seeing all the faces in real life. My boss is paying to overnight Friday after all, so hope that I can use the time to create just one more possible people-link-up that pushes that quality envelope a bit higher. Signing up for the @Essentials on Thursday, as I hope it will get interactive and train me up on the communication skills side.

Mostly would have liked to see modules on Mobile Testing (Appium), I will be trying to connect with anyone who is like minded, in the break times.

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There will be loads of opportunities in the community space too. And who knows, if you did a 99-second talk at the end asking to chat to more people, Friday evening could net you loads more connections :grin:

@conrad.braam cool let’s meetup and talk about mobile testing. I’ll be there as well.


Stupid (lazy) question. When signing up I see some workshops are booked out - how do I select/book a Thursday workshop?

When you purchase your ticket, you’ll be asked what morning and what afternoon workshops you want to attend. The only options to answer those questions at the moment are the ones that haven’t sold out. So you won’t see “Hacking the Juice Shop” in the afternoon options for example.

Aha, I had someone in Human Resources check my tickets out, so mine is probably blank, will have to wing it somehow.

Pop me an email and cc the person who booked for you and I’ll get it sorted :slight_smile:

Just got my ticket booked :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to all of it as its my first time…late bloomer


Fantastic! I remember my first TestBash, I made friends I still speak to today like @testerfromleic and @emjay and I met people who went on to be my co-workers @rosie @friendlytester @chefsim. Who knows where your first TestBash might take you :grin:

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