Learning buddies in Exploratory Testing?

(Abigail) #1

We started a conversation at the TestBash Brighton UnExpo about wanting to teach, learn and share experiences year round rather than just at the conference.

So here we are! And if you interested in learning, teaching or sharing experiences about Exporatory Testing? Why not connect here with @sheymouse and others who are also looking to connect!

The unexpo coming online...learning buddy time!
(Shey) #2

It’s true. I do like beer almost as much as I like testing!

(Andy Carrington-Chappell) #3

I’m in on this one…not done that much exploratory and would love to learn much much more!

(Florian) #4

I’m doing Exploratory Testing almost all the time in my current work situation. What do you want to know?

(Adam) #5

OK, I’d like to learn to do better exploratory testing. Maybe even not do it better, but manage it better.

Hit me :grinning: