Seeking help getting ideas for creating content

Ahoy all!

In the years that I’ve been testing and interacting with MoT and the testing community, I’ve created content in various forms.

I started with blogs, moved onto audio recordings with Racket (remember that?!), and then onto videos. All this has been mixed in with speaking at events, whether it is in person or remotely.

However lately I feel like I am in a creative drought, or some version writer’s block.

To help solve this, I had a terrific call with @simon_tomes earlier today, and several ideas came up,

One was, what are people wanting to learn more about in the field of testing, but you haven’t started?
I could dive into it for a week or so, get an initial idea, and share what my research has found.
That could then lead to me wanting to know more, the person who gave the idea to continue after I have given a summary, or maybe even some collaborative learning.

Another was looking back at past TestBash talks, and seeing if there is anything I want to share that I find interesting, or disagree with and my reasoning behind it.
If there are any particular talks you would recommend I watch, because you think it will engage with me in some way, please reply with it here.

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Hi Lee!
I would like to learn more about how you do exploratory testing. I feel this is an often overlooked topic, maybe because it’s “not technical”, or I don’t know.
My personal struggle is that my testing is more “ad hoc” than exploratory. I’d like to learn more about how you structure, guide and document your exploratory sessions.
Ensemble exploratory testing would also be awesome!