Learning buddies in Non-web based testing?

(Abigail) #1

We started a conversation at the TestBash Brighton UnExpo about wanting to teach, learn and share experiences year round rather than just at the conference.

So here we are! And if you interested in learning, teaching or sharing experiences about Non-web based testing? Why not connect here with Ellie and others who are also looking to connect!

The unexpo coming online...learning buddy time!
(Nichole) #2


Interested in this, as was unable to attend the expo this year.
Currently working for a company building an ERP system from scratch, so no funky web stuff here !!

(Jesper) #3

My company develop applications in .Net for Windows Desktop, but also configure large standard systems like SAP, EPIC etc. Is this for standard systems or for “from scratch” development?

(Abigail) #4

Hmm not sure what Ellie was meaning. The idea was to set up some relationships that could build off line a bit too. Or at least in more 1 on 1 style chats. Maybe either @nquinn or @jesper it makes sense to reach out and see some of the details from Ellie? Gonna take a guess and see if @ellielock is the right handle here?

(Nichole) #5

im ok with 121 chats…depending on the tool