Mobile app exploratory testing tools

I’ve been watching the Testbash Mobile recorded sessions and looking more deeply for device fragmentation testing pointers. As well as things to help deal with environment variations, not had much answers come out, and I start to wonder if mobile app testing is still only a small gang of specialists that I’m trying to get up to speed on. I feel that not having been live on the event I missed any chance to ask questions. Here is the link for all those Pro users here TestBash Mobile 2022 | MoT

  1. Demos. I’m using Vysor for iOS and Android for a start: It’s free and the paid version enables wireless. Is anyone else finding it useful, and is paying for being able to use it wireless and any other pro features helpful? Mainly it’s been good to make screens visible during demos and Zoom calls and quicker for screenshots. Should I buy a license, are there better tools out there?

  2. Device farms do what exactly? Everyone waffles on about how you should be testing using a device farm, and how awesome they are. But when a customer reports a bug on their ipad Pro, you have no way to debug without your own device. Are people using device farms only for CI/CD and not testing form factors and hard/soft keyboard issues and other UX shenanigans in the farm? Is the device farm really just CI/CD and only to save you time looking after kit in the server room that goes to sleep or needs rebooting sometimes?

  3. Form factor and layout testing tools. My dev team hate using the simulator, they complain they it’ so slow and that layouts don’t look the same on the sim very often. In some cases our app uses features that the simulator does not support. What hacks or tips are there for checking layouts look nice on all devices you support? When you end up buying almost one of every device, how do you keep them all topped up with enough charge to run a test on, but without creating a fire risk?

Other questions, but if this topic has you asking mobile related questions, just pile on, lets get some tips going.

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