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Our annual supporters BrowserStack will join us for a demo during TestBash Home :tada:

They’re going to show us how we can alter our Selenium tests to run on BrowserStack and explain the benefits of why we would want to do that. We’ll also get to see many of the other benefits that BrowserStack offers us.

Not only are BrowserStack joining us for a demo, but they’re also going to be available in this thread to answer any questions you have during or after TestBash. So, if you’ve got a question, ask it here and the BrowserStack team will get a response to you :grin:

If you missed the demo, check out BrowserStack’s company directory where we’ll be posting the recording after the conference.

Unanswered Questions:

1. shabbir @ CDL - Selenium is o old; why you are still using it? its already been taking by lightening fast stuff (not to mention any here)

2. Kishor Mohanty - Though BS is a wonderful tool, why sometimes it shows different behaviour than the real devices? While issue appears in real devices, BS clears it without any issue…

3. Priyanka - Can this be integrated in AWS code pipeline and Slack for notification?

4. Mandi - What if I want to test an iPhone that on iOS 12, can I do that? or different versions of Android?


I’m curious why sometimes browserstack mobile will display issues that I do not see on an actual device.

For example, I recently tested on devices in browserstack using an email with images that displayed the images escaping their containers. However when I tested on the same real life devices, the email looked just fine.

Thank you!

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Are you seeing a lot more BrowserStack user sign-up and usage with more people working remotely from home? Especially since people may not be able to access shared testing devices they do have.

Do you think more people will work remotely because of this and use services like BrowserStack even more? If so, would there be an increased risk of unavailability or latency during this period?

Is it possible to debug the script with breakpoints from inspector from BrowserStack Mobile?

I used BrowserStack a few years ago with my old company and my manager at my new company has mentioned wanting to try it out. My biggest issue was seeing issues in BS that I couldn’t reproduce on an actual device. How proactive are you on addressing these kind of thin

Another question on mobile devices, are there options to test different iOS and Android versions?

Thank you!!

BrowserStack has been actively working to add real physical mobile devices for testing across all its products. Since you are testing on an actual physical device you should see the same behavior as seen on a physical device in hand. If you see a difference in behavior we would suggest raising the issue with our Support team ( by sharing the relevant details.

Coming to your other question - Yes, you can test on the mobile device using different versions for Android and iOS. More details on the support devices and mobile OS versions across all products is available here.

BrowserStack is an on-demand cloud infrastructure with 15 data centers across 12 locations. You will have access to devices at all times. We add more devices as we see increase in usage. If the device assigned to your session is from a data center that’s not closest to you then you may see minor latency.

Cool, I’ll pass this along to my manager. Thank you!

I understand you are trying to debug your automation scripts while running them on the mobile devices. At the moment you would not be able to do this since the interactive session feature is not available for mobile devices. This feature is currently available for desktop browsers and we are actively working on adding it for mobile devices.

You can run your existing tests (Selenium/Appium) via AWS code pipeline on BrowserStack. Just point your tests to BrowserStack’s Selenium hub adding your username and access key. You can also add the required browser and OS capabilities including mobile devices.

We also provide integration with Slack to monitor failed builds and tests.

Please refer to our documentation for more details. You can also contact our Support team ( for help.

Since you are testing on a real physical device on BrowserStack you should see the same behavior as encountered on a device in hand. If you see a difference in behavior we would suggest raising the issue with our Support team ( by sharing the relevant details.

Hi, Old thread I know but thought I would jump on here rather than starting a new one.

I’ve used Browserstack in the past for small periods of time, but may be required to dip in again.

Web application, primarily used on mobile devices
Application test environment is internally accessible only
Team in India to augment/support testing will be unable to test on Physical device
Absolutely critical that the software works on a device (possible contract penalty points for issues)

So looking to use Browserstack but really need some assurance that any bug that might present itself on a physical device can be spotted on Browserstack. Does anyone have any thoughts, or experience that might suggest using Browserstack, whilst a good service, can still leave some residual risk if we don’t test using a device and our touch screens?