I want to talk to someone who has used BrowserStack, especially JIRA integration in BrowserStack for Live products

I am a university student. I am an aspiring PM trying to understand the current behavior of BrowserStack JIRA integration.

If someone from this community can help me understand this it will help me launch my career into PM.

Thank you.


Hi @aspiringpm,

Welcome to the community! :wave:t2:

How cool you’d like to get into a PM role. Are any of the following on your radar?

Perhaps those are a good start.


I haven’t tried out the integration part yet, just used Browserstack occasionally to test on different browsers and mobile devices - If I get a chance to try out the integration part I’ll share my experience here.

All in all, both products are well known and this process should be fairly well documented, I’m sure there are in-depth tutorials on how it’s done.