Interested in a browser specially designed for software testing, with JIRA integration built in?

Imagine while conducting exploratory testing, you identify bug. With push of a button, you automatically create JIRA ticket with a repayable user session attached (user session has last page with login form auto chosen as starting step). Developer can then replay same session repeatedly while fixing bug (features exist to make it easy for developer to use their local URL while fixing bug). Once bug is fixed, you can replay the same user session to verify, and close the ticket automatically.

Other features planned: auto-detect forms and fill in with auto-generated data appropriate to the field; easily create variants of steps recorded instead of having to record separate user sessions.

User sessions will be JSON files containing intelligently chosen DOM selectors, and event information (i.e. for a form field there’s usually no good reason to record click x,y). The intent here is to make the user sessions as robust as feasible so if, for ex. an input field is moved somewhere else on the page but retains its β€˜id’, the user session replay is unaffected. If elements can’t be located during a replay, instead of session failing it will pause and prompt for tester to perform replacement action, and then continue with rest of replay.

A companion tool is also planned to read these user session files and execute them using selenium, webdriverio, etc. for cross-browser headless testing.

I’m a software developer in the initial stages of developing such a tool and looking to gauge interest.

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