Automate bug writing

Testers have to type or write bugs with steps to show how to reproduce the bug. I was wondering if there is a tool which could at least partially automate that process for us. I’ll tell you how I expect it to work.

The tool monitors every action in the browser and converts it into steps which can be used for your tests or bugs. E.g. Login to Amazon and go to orders page. The tool would record this as

1- Login to www amazon com.
2.1- In Login page, enter text in username (link to element html)
2.2- Enter text in password (link to element html)
3- Click login button (link to element html)
4- In Home page, click user icon (link to element html)
5- In Account page, click orders button (link to element html).

The tool can create these steps for actions performed by a real user or by automation. It should allow a user to copy the steps so that they can paste them into Jira tickets. If possible, the tool should also record videos and take screenshots. Does such a tool exist? Would it be beneficial to make one? I think it would be useful for testers and product documentation writers.

PS - I hate having to reproduce bugs and then writing those steps in Jira tickets.


I think you are describing TestCafe Studio: TestCafe Studio: A Cross-Platform IDE for End-to-End Web Testing

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How much is this really necessary? What value adds this level of detail compared to effort you have to spend for it?
How about discussing to get rid of this?

I write reproduction scenarios for people who are confided with the software. Not untrained strangers from the street.
I add all details which I think are necessary to reproduce the bug. It occurs sometimes that others need more information, that I still had to many implications. That is also normal.

IMO most important:
Talk about bugs and show them, especial if they are hard to describe.
Any text is just a memory aid (which is important on its own).

Sometimes I talk to a developer before I write a ticket.
Because I sometimes can not reproduce it with 100% and a developer can help me here with his knowledge.

Jira is just a communication tool. A help.
Important is to communicate with the people. By Jira and all other types of communication.


You could look into ChroPath Studio, it’s a free extention on Chrome? As click on the page it will save off ‘steps’ and allow you to export them out to excel as a test case. It saves what you clicked on, what data you entered and saves off the xpathing for ui scripts.

So, I love playing computer games, I’m a regular hanger on in forums and the other day a question comes in. “Can we have a tickbox next to the game if we want it in another language?” So that the developer can easily know if a game needs feature went the justification.

And I was reminded instantly, at how software is a very human endeavor. Letting a machine gather evidence of a crime or defect, is probably not going to speed up the triage session if the machine does more of the work, than the tester.


Thank you. Do you happen to know if it also “writes test steps” instead of only being a recorder IDE?

Its only to let me (be more lazy) automate as much as I can.

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Aha. if you put it that way, yes, 100%.
I don’t know if it’s just me, or that I’ve been doing this job for a while or that I mostly write my own test framework, but. My framework gathers any artefact or proof that a developer regularly demands be in a bug. So the end of a test normally will have everything I need because the end of the test reads:

if testcase.verdict() == FAILED:
     # take screenshots and fetch system logs

And over time we just hook anything we want in there, it also helps that we have a special “assistive” test case, which gives you a test setup and then just sits and waits until you either type “P” or “F” into a box. So you can use the test system almost like a sandbox. When you are done, you just type “F” if you want full logs. It will then run the test teardown for you, which will fetch all logs if you did not type “P” into the box.

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