30 Days of Automation in Testing Day 30: If you could create any test tool, what would that tool do?

If I could create any test tool, the tool should do:

  1. Create and execute test scripts (scripting, record playback…)
  2. Multiple Browsers
  3. Data-Driven
  4. Integrate with cloud
  5. Integrate with CICD tools
  6. Multiple platforms: web, mobile, application, iOS…
  7. Generate data by rules
  8. Log
  9. Report
  10. UX should be optimized for the scripting QAs easier to work on
  11. Release Dashboards
  12. Automated Rollbacks
  13. Agentless Architecture
  14. Artifact Staging
  15. Out-of-Box Analytics
  16. Middleware and Cloud Provisioning
  17. Support for Manual and Automated Steps
  18. Model-Based Structure That Helps You Scale
  19. Controls: Audit-friendly Artifacts & Role-based Privileges
  20. Extensible Plugin Architecture

Above things are just some of my ideas.

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I wish I could have the ability to create a tool that will create manual test cases automatically based on function/requirement documents analysis :slight_smile: . It will save us the time to write manual TCs which is often required before automating the TCs

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Its been my experience that almost all tools (out-of-the-box, or proprietary) fall under the same consistent features:

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to create tests
  • Takes screenshots
  • Flexible / Customizable (ie, can add modules)
  • Is fast and reliable
  • Integrates with popular CIs
  • Integrates with JIRA and/or TestRail
  • Generates reports
  • Can capture UI elements via screen recorder
  • Can work with multiple browsers
  • Can work on mobile devices
  • Can test presentation (UI) layer as well as integration (func.) and data services (API)

… so my only addition would be that it was written in Python and has a snazzy interface

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I think machine learning and AI in testing is a big thing so I would like to create some tool which will improve the testing efforts through AI.

Some tweeted suggestions: