30 Days of Automation in Testing Day 28: Pair with a developer and review some of your existing automation

In my refactor code period, I paired with a Software Architect, to analyze and define how to restructure, refactor our framework. We share each other so many skills, experience, and my existing automation. The framework was refactored and work so cool. I learned more about coding and he learnt more about testing and automation. Many thanks to him.


I can’t possibly declare this as done as it is a continuous process. My role, as I helped shape it, was to become part of the build process.

  • Planning - during the planning phase I will review stories with Devs and Product Owners and determine the best approach. We even determine level of effort.
  • Development - during this phase, I will run through my tests locally and fix any issues. Once all tests are passing I commit and get code reviewed.
  • Testing - once tests are satisfactory (code style, code quality, reliability) the get integrated into the CI.

My team rocks as they’ve helped me with issues I may have come across, and they’ll work with me on how to best maximize my automation test efforts to suit their needs, be it from a front-end (workflow) or back-end (API) perspective.

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Recently, we tried a new approach to automate one of our products.

Our devs use Django framework and the application actually interacts with quite a few other applications. Automating end to end tests for such an application is quite challenging as the application under test is dependent on more than 3 different applications. So, our Head of QA (Milind) suggested to use a unit test framework provided by Django – StaticLiveServerTestCase.

For us to be able to achieve this, I had to understand the dev source code and figure out a way to create unit tests using selenium integrating with Django framework. My Team Lead (Medhad) helped me heaps in this process and we were able to automate our tests at the Django level finally. This is a huge break-though for us.

The beauty of this framework is that it fires up a live server instantaneously for every test run and helps us to eliminate the dependencies with other applications enabling us to actually just test our application exclusively.

More here: https://qakumar.wordpress.com/

I paired with a developer and reviewed by test script where I was using Database API to change/modify some fields which was mandatory before starting the test. I reviewed whether it was right field and good way to do.

Stories from those participating on Twitter:

For me, after completing a test script, I and a developer with do a pair view who help to review, guide and also help me refactor the code to optimize the code. I got and learned many knowledge from developer.