30 Days of Automation in Testing Day 10: Delete an automated check from your current check and share why you chose the one you deleted

I have been using Selenium with Java and C# for a while. I just recently started using Selenium with Python. And, I find this to be quite easy to adopt as most of the features remain the same but for python specific syntax.

Our devs use Django framework and the application actually interacts with quite a few other applications. Automating end to end tests for such an application is quite challenging as the application under test is dependent on more than 3 different applications. So, our Head of QA (Milind) suggested to use a unit test framework provided by Django - StaticLiveServerTestCase.

The beauty of this framework is that it fires up a live server instantaneously for every test run and helps us to eliminate the dependencies with other applications enabling us to actually just test our application exclusively.

Since I’m not so familiar with Python and StaticLiveServerTestCase, I initially created assertions for every single step like login, navigation etc (just to be sure). Once I actually finished coding the entire test, I realized that I was still having those unnecessary assertions for smaller steps like login, navigation etc which was unnecessary and could actually take a hit on the time taken to run test in the long run. So I just got rid of them now.

This is my example from my recent experience which just fits the bill for today’s task :slight_smile:)

Read more here: Day 10: Delete an automated check from your current check and share why you chose the one you deleted – QA Chief


I am having a bit of challenge on this one, as I am not currently running any automation. If anybody can provide a bit more information or has any ideas for an alternative, please let me know.


From the Twitterspehere:

Back-end Devs were chronic for making on-the-fly changes to API contracts (updates) hoping for minimal impact to the FE. The intent was to improve performance, but consequence was features would fail.

Using: http://httpbin.org/anything as a test end-point

I have a test running in KATALON w. JSON Slurper to parse API response. It checks that the elements are present and that the payload matches the contract.

To achieve a level of confidence with my test, I removed a portion of the payload (different every time) and re-ran the test.

Expected Result
As expected, the test successfully fails. Had the test passed, I would have to rewrite the assertion.

With the test back to its original state, it passes. I replaced the sample code with the proposed contract spec and rewrote the test to look for those elements.

Ready For Testing
Now to deploy to the CI and wait for the next deployment.

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