30 Days of Automation in Testing Day 4: What types of testing can automation support you with? Share an example

What types of testing can automation support you with? Share an example

I have used very few automation tools in my working experience.

Smoke Testing of restful webservice:- i have automated this through httpClient, requires complete java knowledge.
It is data driven framework. It saves a lot of time. you just have to hit the bat file created. there you go. Result will be stored in you excel.

Web application testing:- For web application automation, i have used Selenium with Java. One of Selenium’s key features is the support for executing one’s tests on multiple browser platforms.
using TestNG, you will have beautifull test results.

Database testing:- The only thing I have done in database testing is, validating the result returned by Restful webservice with database query results. I have used JDBC driver to connect with the database.
Connecting to Database using java is very easy. you can make connection, execute your query and store the data back in your excel.

Webservice Testing:- When it comes to Webservice testing tools, SOAP UI is the best tool (It can automate functional, regression and load testing of both SOAP and REST web services).
Though we cannot say it is an automation tool, but we can automate web services using READY API (licensed tool).
However if you want to give a try, you can go for trail version for 14 days. It is a saviour. :smile:

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