Screen Record and Bug Logger Tools?

I know there are a few conversations on here about screen recording tools, specifically Tools for showing bugs via recording screens but I recently saw a question that almost goes as a follow up to this.

Are there tools out there that will record your screen and push to your project management tool (e.g. Jira) in the one go, rather than record the screen then navigate to the issue management tracking tool and create the bug?

If such tools exist, what is your experience with them? If such tools don’t exist, do you think there would be value in something like this?

I use the simple window recorder and push to the tool. Not exactly what you want, but I prefer to make sure I’ve recorded all the aspects of the bug replication process. Sometimes pushing directly to the tool means you don’t get to edit it first… Or maybe I haven’t found THE tool yet either!

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A few years ago I used “JIRA Capture” => now known as Zephyr Capture

It was super neat to use; it’s a basic browser addon linked to your JIRA. You can take screenshots & edit them, fill in the JIRA tickets from straight from the addon. They also added a way to record vids now. Only downside is it’s specific for JIRA.

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I try to avoid integrated tools like that ones when possible. If at some point your company decide to migrate from one tool to another, you need to find a replacement for each individual piece.

Instead, I always try to find the simpler tool that fits my needs. In this case, I’ve replaced videos by GIFs. In the context of bug reporting I can’t see a clear benefit of using video over GIF. Making that change, the end file weights a few KB instead of MB making the exercise of uploading to any tool like JIRA a light operation (also to experience to watch it later is better).

I personally use LiceCap, which is really simple but fit the requirements. Only available for MacOs and Windows.

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Interesting, I tried LiceCap a few times and wasn’t it’s biggest fan. I remember briefly using a tool that the customer support team used which took the screen grab, created a Jira ticket and allowed us to add additional details but it was so long ago, I can’t remember the name of it.

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Windows now does screenshots which autosave sequentially into a folder, so it’s better than in the old days. But things that speed up your job help a lot if they are open and support api’s or script bindings. So a tool that adds screenshots to bug tickets is a great help. I’m always finding ways to get my test frameworks to take “clever” screenshots at just the right time to help me.

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