What is Your Favorite Bugs Tracking Tool?

Hello Friends,

Please share your thought and experience about bugs tracking tools…Which one is your favorite and why?

Thanks in Advance…

Honestly? Jira, because bugs are part of the product, and the work for the product is tracked in Jira.

I can’t imagine, and am yet to experience, any tool adding significant value to the native bug tracking in Jira. The sole addition we have made to the default mechanics is a custom “button” (link) which autofills some labels and adds a bug template to the description field - again, this is handled using default Jira functionality.


I second Jira.

I do get headaches with the functionality sometimes but I have never found a better alternative. There is Trello for kanban projects but I find it doesn’t work on larger projects.

Jira’s API allows you to integrate with another applications as well. Not sure on Trello/others


Yes…I also use Jira…

Probably not too useful a reply but my favourite tool for bugs is a conversation about the behaviour I see, possibly pairing and then recheck the behaviour.


Yeah I was gunna say the same thing as Ady xD

We’ve been using Jira for ages and found that it really makes you work a certain way, with indirect handoffs all the time. eg when there is a bug, you write a bug ticket and then someone else picks up the ticket x amount of time later and then they do work on it and then they pass the bug ticket back to you and then you pick up the ticket again and check it. All without ever having to speak to one another at all!

We’re looking at drastically changing our kanban board and building a process around communication and shared work and I am SO EXCITED AEIOWDVKNEWOIH I can’t wait to never write a subtask bug ever again in my whole life. kekekeke :laughing:


Nothing beats a failing programmed check that runs under 0.5 second with no false negatives.

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Hello Jennifer,

From more then 1 years I used Bugzilla and Jira for tracking bugs. but I would like to suggest you to use Jira…Jira offers you various extra features…

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Yes…Perfect list…

Jira and Trello are the leaders for sure. Some friends at smaller development shops use Asana to track their bugs. They say it is much lighter and easier to use.

I’ve used it for project management of tasks (not dev related) and found it to be pretty cheap and easy to use.


A failling automated check.

I would use whatever means of communication the PM or the developer will consider more often(face-to-face, post-its, lists in a file, e-mails, internal tracking tools, etc…)
In the past I liked the idea of finding many bugs and storing them in a tracking tool.
More recently I prefer to write as few bug tickets as possible.

The point of storing a bug would be for it to be:

  1. known - understood - assumed.
  2. fixed at some point - sooner rather than later.
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the best bug tracking tools are JIRA ,bugZilla and backlog

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We use both Jira and Practitest for bug tracking. We manage product in Practitest, and half of our projects are integrated with Jira for bug tracking, and half is managed in Practitest itself.

Both of them provide features we need for bug managing like customizing fields and workflow.

It’s Jira and the best part about this tool is (bi-directional) traceability.

For Example:
Epic > Story > Test > Bug
Bug > Test > Story > Epic