Implement JIRA in a large company

(Shey) #1

I am considering setting up JIRA for my current client. It will be used initially as a defect repository, then possibly moving a boatload of spreadsheet based scripts and requirements in there.

I could do with a bit of advice on how long it’s taken people to set up JIRA in the past.
Any tips and pitfalls would also be helpful.

(Bill) #2

Don’t overcomplicate the transitions flows. Keep it simple
Use the default settings in general, make sure you setup projects, components etc the way they should be
You can automate alot of things, check the Jira API
If you’re planning to integrate that solution with your stuck anything Atlasian is easier to set up

(Shey) #3

Thanks for that. It’s along the line of my thinking.

Amusingly, it turned out that my client had a JIRA instance set up already. It just wasn’t broad public knowledge.

(Darrell) #4

I can drill holes with a manual drill but I’m going to be more efficient with a power drill. Switching from a manual drill to a power drill does not change the fact that I’m a skilled carpenter.

The same holds true for JIRA. It is a tool. The people using JIRA should already have processes and procedures for how they do their job. When I teach Kanban, XP or Scrum I don’t use tools like JIRA. I might use a physical wall and index cards. Once the team knows how to do the work, we introduce tools like JIRA to make it efficient. How we configure JIRA depends on how they are going to do their job. So understanding how the team does the work is key to how to configure JIRA.

JIRA is highly configurable. There are many third party plugs which will make it more efficient. You just want to avoid having the tool define (or re-define) how they do their job.

The biggest danger of JIRA is that it is highly configurable. The second biggest danger is not paying for third party plugins. Sometimes the out of the box JIRA doesn’t do exactly what you need. You can make it but it is sometimes easier to buy a plugin rather than spend weeks trying configure the basic JIRA.