Xray or Qmetry Jira?

Hello everyone, I need help defining the plugin that we are going to use in jira with the QA team.
We need to move away from .doc files and migrate test cases and evidence to Jira.
Based on the experience you have, I would like to know opinions or recommendations to define if the appropriate tool is xray or qmetry?
Thank you so much.


Welcome @leo_nqn1!

Unfortunately I donโ€™t have much experience with xray or qmetry but one thing to take into account with Jira is they love charging you. They might want a license for every Jira user even if you only need it for a small subset, something worth keeping an eye on during any PoC etc.

I have used Jira Plugin AIO Tests and I wasnโ€™t all that fused on it.



I only have experience from XRay for Jira, but I think you should instead of thinking about what addon you wish to use. Start by thinking about what your team/company needs.
From reading about Qmetry, I see that they have more or less the same structure for Test setup as XRay.
For that it comes down to how you like to have the setup and how to write the tests.

For the more specific things that is included in the different addons, think about how much that will be used or if it will be used at all.
Many of these things sounds great but in real they are never used.

So start by asking how would the team(s) like to write the tests and what reports should the team produce or be able to show stakeholders?


Iโ€™m using Zephyr, none of these tools are cheap, so once you buy, you have to use them. The tools all have api integrations, but thatโ€™s something we have not yet started looking at. Itโ€™s a in-cloud tool and if Jira gets slow at times, so does Zephyr as itโ€™s all one system, which may differ from when you host your own test case management system on-prem. But the upside is that it has been fun to use (if the word โ€œjiraโ€ and โ€œfunโ€ can ever be in one sentence), and it is robust.

But yeah, get your team to install/trial (it only works in cloud instances) and actively spend time exploring what the tool you do decide to try out can do, and how well it fits your mental model and flows. Because all these tools are very generalised and if you are used to a bespoke tool, they can be a bit frustrating initially to use.