JIRA plugin for test management - Free if possible

Hello all,

I would require your help with a tool/addon recommendation.
There is a small project for which we use JIRA to track the Tasks, Stories and Bugs.
We want to also have our test case in JIRA and for that I think an Add on would be ideal.

The addon should allow

  • Test case creation
  • Test runs
  • Test filtering/search
  • Test Reporting

If you have any ideas I would really appreciate it.

Thank you

I don’t know if they are any free ones on the Atlassian marketplace, but I’ve used QA Touch in the past and it’s a lot cheaper than the big players, like Xray and Zephyr which have more features but cost a lot more.


I note my testing in Jira/Confluence without any plugin. I find typical test management more a burden than a help.
Some details:


For simple Test management in Jira you can create Custom Issue type Test Case, Test Run and then link the test cases to each run, add labels.

To be able to see the pass fail status, you would need to add custom field or custom workflow.
This part gets a bit tiresome, since you need to start copying the Test cases, if you want to track Pass Fail status per Test Run. But its doable.

Since you will still be using Jira out of the box features, you can create reports using custom JQL queries, create overviews in Confluence, etc.

If you keep it simple, this can be managable, when its starting to go out of hands, it is time for proper Test management tool. I prefer Xray since it works pretty much the same way, but with a lot of additional features.

Good luck!


We do use XRAY, but it is very expensive. Licence based on number of Jira users as opposed to number who would use it for testing (This is bad).
As mentioned above, you can create your own item types and go from there, but will need to be creative in cataloguing and maintaining them.

If there is an ‘alternative’ - I would also like to know and willing to look at all options.

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Test rail integrates easily with JIRA for test management.

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I agree with @robertqa that you can just have a “Test Case” as a ticket type in Jira or just use stories and add more details to it.
Did you know that you can execute the test cases directly from Jira?
Here is the free plugin to try it out: testRigor Test Automation for Jira | Atlassian Marketplace
You can pair it with a free version of testRigor.com . Disclaimer: I’m a testRigor co-founder.

Dennis from Testmo here. You could also check out Testmo, which is a dedicated modern test management tool, and the licensing/user seats are completely independent of Jira (quite important for many teams; you can have just 10 users in QA even if you have 500 Jira users; and with pure Jira add-ons you need to buy their add-on for all 500 users, even if they don’t need it).

The big difference in regards to the Jira integration compared to other tools is that Testmo uses Jira’s native issue dialog to create issues found during testing, so all your Jira customizations and add-ons work out of the box, which is unique to our integration. You can also see all linked test cases. test results, sessions etc. inside Jira.