Test Management Tools with Jira

I’m looking for a test management tool that has a great Jira integration. Something that you can essentially use a checkbox to add any pre-written tests, and also add in tests directly from the issue as required.

It would need to integrate with the automation tests to pull through pass/fails. Additionally some nice reporting tools would be lovely.

Okay so it’s quite a shopping list.

I’ve looked at TestRail (bad jira integration) and Xray but is there anything out there that covers my requirements?


Hi @ruinaerlin,

We did a some research on the tools that suite our needs which was similar to what you were looking for.

Without going into much detail, the two best tools that I’d recommend is

  1. Zephyr’s jira plugin (the standalone was too pricy for us. But the jira plugin is really good)

  2. I know that you already had a look at testrail, but we loved their API. We have custom scripts that integrates automation test results back into testrail. And their pricing is really affordable.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you need more info on either.

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Hello! Which version of testrail did you use?

Thanks in advance.

Zephyr seems to have a lean way of doing it, but the reports from xray seem more useful.

Testrail - good question - I know it was enterprise, but couldn’t tell you - whatever was the most up to date until February 2020.

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