Iā€™m Jas, a developer turned tester. I have spent most of my life doing some sort of programming. I started with drawing rectangles and circles using LOGO as a child and now I work on building mobile apps for a living. I can speak 5 human languages and 5 programming languages :wink:.

Even though writing code to build applications is so much fun, my now best friend showed me a few years ago that helping writing good quality products is much more fun. So I jumped into testing from being a developer and have never looked back since. It has been very rewarding.

I am very passionate about native mobile testing frameworks, especially Espresso (android) and XCUI testing (iOS). Most of my day to day work involves testing mobile apps using native testing frameworks, but at the same time, making it as easy as it can be for developers and fellow testers to contribute to it.

When I have some spare time, I spend it trying to automate some of the boring manual tasks. Which brings us to my favourite quote.

Automate everything :x:
Automate within reason :white_check_mark:
ā€“ A very wise friend of mine.