Zephyr - easy to use?

(Nichole) #1

Hi All,

I need to find a test management tool that we can integrate with our source control, currently the company uses a very old version of TFS for one project, and bitbucket for another (don’t ask why as I will cry)

So I like an honest review of Zephyr, as while I am not a massive fan of tools, my project uses a lot of UAT testers who want/need test steps, and also work remotely so its difficult at times to get updates on progress.

Also what is the support like for implementation, as it will be myself doing it…if we go for it

(Paul) #2

We use the Zephyr add-on for JIRA where I work. It does implement test cycles ok but I’m quite disappointed with it. It could be just the way we have it configured.

  1. Its focus is on traditional ways of testing - creating and importing test cases in advance, allocating them to cycles and linear execution. In that respect it is pretty rigid and prescriptive.

  2. It has a limited set of test reports which we have never found that useful.

  3. It ties cycles to releases, not sprints, which can make test case and defect tracking awkward if you aren’t following a “1 release per sprint” schedule.

(Nichole) #3


Thanks for this, given that we are in sprints and releasing sometimes twice
a day that makes it almost a non runner.

(Onur) #4

We focused Zephry and TestRail when we started to select a TM tool for our company. We used both of them for 1 sprint. Whole test team except 1 test engineer selected TestRail as a TM tool and for two years we are happy with TestRail. It has fast UI, clean interface, two-way JIRA integrations. Also, you can organize your tests much better. I also explained our TestRail usage here: https://www.swtestacademy.com/agile-test-management-testrail/ Also you can check its Selenium integration here: https://www.swtestacademy.com/selenium-testrail-jira-integration/

(Bill) #5

Hi, we checked back then both Zephyr and TestRail among others. They’re both valid and good products. We chose eventually PractiTest, because from functionality they all seems to be good enough (for us), and we liked better Practitest’s support. Recently practitest added an Exploratory Testing module that we use quite a lot (doesn’t need the traditional way of test cases in advance, but still we log everything and get reports).

they all have a good jira integration.

(Pascal) #6

Yep, just as my two cents’ worth wanted to add that we also chose Practitest because they have a great support and nowadays it is rare to find.

(Kim) #7

Hi Nichole,

Don’t know if you made a decision yet but today I am busy setting up/learning/teaching Zephyr right now.

I have used Enterprise Test Manager & VSTS Test Manager but Zephyr is by far the cheapest option out of the three. I have to say you do get what you pay for but having said that it seems relatively easy to set up and provides very clear reporting.

@paulmaxwellwalters is absolutely right about his review of the product which it seems upon scrolling down this product might not work with your teams style.

Our team I think will benefit from using this tool even with its limitations.

Hope you found the right tool for the job.

Cheers Kim

(Nichole) #8


Thanks for feedback, I am trying zepher but its release structure isnt going to fit for us as we are two builds a day (fast team which is good) which is a shame as it is good value and the other parts are good.

Practitest is also good but too expensive for us…so I am still looking

(Kim) #9

Good luck let us know if you find a tool that suits :+1: