Zephyr - what do you dislike about it?

I’m researching test management tools again, and this time Zephyr is looking like the winner to meet our needs in our team’s context.

To help avoid buyer’s remorse, I want to hear directly from people using Zephyr what things they don’t like about the tool.

Then I can decide whether any of those points would be deal-breakers for our team.

At this stage I’m not interested in hearing about how great other TM tools are, and what they can do. There’s a lot of that on the vendor’s own websites already…


Hi Kim,
When I read your post, I was all ready for a rant about how difficult I found Zephyr to use from a Test Manager POV compared with other software. Particularly when it came to finding progress on a test run.
Then I thought it may be because I haven’t used the tool long enough or taken the time to understand the tool.
I did feel that Zephyr didn’t take me to where I wanted to be easily. i.e. I would go to my JIRA project, click on the Zephyr link, then click on the test runs tab. Anything I did from there would mean I’d have to repeat the steps to get back to the summary I saw on the test runs tab.
In short, Zephyr certainly links to JIRA tickets well (as you’d expect). I feel that you have to do a bit of set up to see progress on a run where others may give you the stats out of the box (but this may be my lack of experience with the tool).

Happy to try and explain any of the above in more detail with you.


Not to resurrect a zombie thread, but Zephyr is not an acceptable test case management tool in an environment that has any sort of need for audit.

The test scripts, and the resulting execution records they are tied to, are not immutable.

I detailed this in a defect to Zephyr on their support page in 2015:
Zephyr Support

To the best of my knowledge this defect has never been corrected.

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