Test Case Management Tools?

Hey everyone,

I’m pretty new to this forum and software testing in general, so I’d like to get any kind of advice I can for some issues I’m facing.

I’m part of a relatively small but growing software development team and we need some kind of software for test case management, running tests, and for integration with some things we already have in place such as JIRA as well as things we plan to implement such as automated testing using TestCafe.

When I’m researching solutions I find myself overwhelmed with dozens of software that offer these capabilities but find it hard to actually decide which ones are actually useful or worth the cost(if applicable).

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this!

We are using Test Management for Jira (TM4J), server version, and are pretty happy with it. The teams came from a document-based test case tracking methodology and I helped to migrate them into TM4J. They/we find it easy to use, and it provides a decent amount of reports and dashboard widgets for Jira.

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Hi @kyewayy

We are using Jira Cloud with Test Rail Cloud for our Test case management and it works well for us. it’s still early days for us. but the result from Test Rail is visible within the Jira Story for example.

Test Rail has a pretty rich API so you can use it to update the test results with your automated tests. Or manually add results in test rail for manual tests.


Thanks for the replies! I was briefly looking at TM4J but did a little more playing around with TestRail such as setting up some integration with Jira and Jenkins which seemed to work pretty well.

It’s just the price of TestRail can be pretty steep especially if you need many users to carry out the testing, do you think TestRail would scale well with company growth @cruxto ? I feel like I could find some kind of software that may offer what we need for the time being, but if it needs to be the replaced down the road when our team grows and our needs expand then I may as well implement a system that would stand the test of time.

Hi @kyewayy,

We are a pretty small team so I have no concerns about scale, they offer cloud and on-prem solutions, Judging by the customers they have on their website, the concern of scaling should be a none issue.

Ultimately you need to find the solution that works for your team. But I’ve found it pretty simple to work with and we have used the API to allow us to import test cases from feature files in a git repository.

Yeah I’m starting to learn that there’s no fool-proof guide to follow for implementing these kinds of systems and its more of unique process for each team.

Thanks for replying and sharing your insight though man!

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We can manage test cases in two ways:

  1. Managing them in excel sheets in a particular template.
  2. Test cases management tool.

However, managing the test cases in some templates of excels is very old processes. Our software testing company uses Test cases management tool (TCMS) for managing the test cases. Below are some of the benefits of using TCMS:

  • Test cases Creation and Execution
  • Projects, Test plan and Test Suites Creation
  • Tracking of test cases execution for releases
  • Integration with bug tracking tools like Jira
  • Integration with other tools like Jenkins, Selenium, etc
  • Graphical Representation of the reports

Here are some popular TCMS tools used by most of the software testing companies:

  • Zephyr
  • Testlink
  • qTest
  • PractiTest
  • QAComplete
  • Testpad

Hope this information is helpful for you.


I’m using TestLink and it’s dog poo. It’s laborious to do anything in it.

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haha yeah I’ve taken a close look at it and tried to do some practice testing on my own with it and it wasn’t pleasant. When the rest of the team looked over my shoulder and saw what I was doing they also looked disgusted.

We’re using TestLodge (testlodge.com). Really happy with it. Their API makes it easy to integrate with all kinds of other things – for example our automated tests in Ruby/Selenium can update the pass/fail status on a test run.

we need some kind of software for test case management, running tests, and for integration with some things we already have in place such as JIRA as well as things we plan to implement such as automated testing using TestCafe.

  1. Why store test-cases? why not store some useful things(artifacts)?
    Is there anyone else in the company storing their development-cases, business-analysis-cases, marketing-sales-cases, deployment-cases, management-cases?
    How, where, why, when?

  2. Who’s looking and going to look into what’s in the tool?
    For what reason? What is the person looking for?
    Can you store your testing sessions inside JIRA? Have you tried to actually talk to a manager that’s interested in your testing to report to him how testing is going?

  3. How can you run tests from a Software test case management tool?
    A test is a performance, not an artifact.
    A Test is a Performance - Satisfice, Inc.
    Testing is a technical empirical investigation…(Cem Kaner).

You could try Xray.
I’ve been using it a lot lately and it seems very legit.
I think it’s one of the most promising / cutting-edge test management tools out there.

Also it’s very affordable for all its features.

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Similarly we also use Xray. It integrates pretty nicely into JIRA. There’s some limitations to it but for the most part it does the job pretty well.

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We’ve made a decision after some research and finding something the whole team would be happy with. I Appreciate all the replies, guys!

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Sups Bro! how its going?
which one test management tool do you use ?

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