Advice on re-designing how we report and track bugs?

Ok so I’m in the middle of a battle with the Dev team and the Support team about how we track user bugs and bugs in general. We use Clubhouse, Slack and Intercom at present. No integration so far with either but if I integrate with a Zapier link, it will really help Support and the Devs … but the devs are not keen on the change as we have to re-design how we report and track bugs. Has anyone else had this issue or is using this integration combo? :thinking:

Hiya, how does your process work? When a bug comes in from a user where is it recorded? Are you agile or waterfall? I haven’t come across clubhouse or intercom before. What software do you use to create your tickets - we use Jira for example.

What I found helpful in a situation like that:

  • start it as a trial to make it less scary
  • the others need to realize that this new way has advantages for them as well
  • if possible introduce the change in steps

The changes we made where Support creating JIRA tickets for Topdesk tickets instead of having the information just in a tool where Dev didn’t have access or even just in emails. This was a bit more work for Support but created visibility and improved Dev response time.
We also started to create Bugs for everything that didn’t seem to work. In the past we had just comments, emails or conversations for most of them. Many problems were forgotten about and solutions not officially documented. This is also more transparent and helped Devs see all issues discovered in testing of a ticket that needed to be resolved and track what they fixed already. It also helped document things that work as designed, what we are not going to fix, find messages that needed improving and in general created more willingness to fix bugs because there was a ticket. To make the change even easier we told the Devs that they could ignore those bugs. We still made comments and closed the tickets ourselves. But we left them the option to use them if they wanted to. They started to use them without anyone forcing them to and mentioned how helpful it was in retrospectives making other Devs want to use them as well.
These changes weren’t just accepted instantly. It took us somewhere around 6 months for most people to realize that this was helpful. So be patient.

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We copy the URL from Intercom and post it to Slack, the Devs (or me) then create a ticket in Clubhouse (like Jira). What can happen is the chat around the bug gets lost in the Slack channel so if a user asks for an update you have to search through the Slack channel for the bug raised and the chat.

That is helpful @sles12, there is now a twist to the tale. We are now moving away from Intercom as it’s becoming too expensive so I’m taking the opportunity to to find something that integrates with Clubhouse and works with Slack for our next communications/issue reporting tool. I’ll let you know how I go. Good to know it may take time to implement too. :+1:

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