Tools for showing bugs via recording screens

I asked this on, I thought it would be useful and worth adding the responses here. Also, please feel free to add more in.

What’s the best (or your current favourite) tool these days to record a screen to show bugs to other people?

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When I worked with Danny Dainton he showed me LICEcap and I’ve never looked back. It’s the most lightweight .gif recorder I’ve found. If I need to describe simple product behaviour or bug reproduction I’ll use this.

Most of the rest I use you have listed. Although it’s worth knowing that the PrintScrn key on a keyboard will screenshot all monitors on Windows. Alt-PrintScrn will screenshot the active window.

I also love the clipping tool that comes with OneNote.

For me a recording tool should be very low friction to be useful. I don’t want to be clicking and typing a lot to get the job done.


I’ve been using Jing for years. It’s free, can take a window, component, or selection, and it can also record short videos for those occasions when screenshots just don’t cut it. I map a keyboard shortcut to invoke it, and then any time I need a screenshot, I hit the shortcut and I’m good to go.


A tool included in Windows, Step recorder, can be useful when you’re not allowed to install any additional programs. Its results are a compiled HTML file with screenshots, keyboard input and mouse clicks, as far as the tool is aware of the correct buttons and such; and you can add comments pointing to part of the display. Having the person experiencing the bug to submit some extra information without having to “be technical”, has proven useful in the past.


I 2nd any vote for LICEcap. Particularly useful in how you can attach the resulting .gif to a Jira ticket and it will autoplay. :+1:

Lightshot for static screenshots, QuickTime for videos on Mac (comes as standard part of OS X), and Game Bar on Windows 10 (also comes with system).

Probably not the best options, but they’re all free and I don’t record videos that much so that works ok for me.

0_0 How did I not know about this? Occasionally, I’ve encountered a bug unrelated to what I’m working, and therefore focused, on, and found it difficult to reproduce. Whilst screen recorders can be of use, this is just spot on. The only issue I can really see is the fact that it records all 3 monitors.

Thank you!

I second this. I haven’t tried too too many but Jing has been the best I’ve used.

You’d be surprised to know that we still use print screens and attach it to word documents. Our clients seem to be comfortable with this and we play around with shapes and colors to highlight The bug.

I crowdtest with few platforms and they are insistent on using screencast-o-matic and it serves the purpose.

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Some of the test management tools include built-in screenshot capturing features. Testuff, which I work for, included. We also have a built-in video recorder for capturing the test and showing the bug, which is way better than screenshots.

Ditto. I’ve used Jing for several years & haven’t looked back.

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For testers without access to test tools I use Microsoft PowerPoint (Insert > Screen Recording) or the Chrome extension of “Test & Feedback”

This is an important topic to discuss as we all came across some specific areas while testing an application which needs to be highlighted using a video. In highly professional software testing company, there is an inventory of video capturing tools that can help their engineers to showcase defect in an effective way. Sometimes, describing the exact steps in video is so important when a screenshot is not capable enough to capture that particular moment when defect occurs.

We are using Snagit from last 7 years to record defects. Snagit provides a full package of professional tools that allow you to capture and record your PC screen. With the help of Snagit, we can capture screen content with just a click, customize with effects and markups and share via many separate formats. Snagit is a paid tool, however a free trial allows you to get familiar with its functionality and see if it’s right for you. You can also refer to some other tools like:

  1. ActivePresenter
  2. eLecta Live Free Screen Recorder
  3. Debut Video Capture Software
  4. Wondershare Filmora

Hope this information is helpful for you.

I have successfully used OBS for recording demos and bugs.
Open Broadcaster Software