Screen Recorder for Automated Testing?

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know of a screen recording software that will allow me to record automated testing? To be specific I’m looking for a screen recorder that will act like a car dash cam.

I’m running automated tests on a device over night but the issue is that when it runs into a crash I can only provide the developer with a log file which isn’t massively useful.

I’d like to record the screen of the device and if the software crashes the screen recording software would capture the last five minutes. I could leave a screen recorder going over night but when I get back into the office in the morning I will have a rather angry hard drive :laughing:

I’ve tried Googling but I haven’t found any good results and thus I am here. I appreciate any suggestions provided.

Thanks, Ben


Depending on the framework/library and language you are using to do the autoamted testing, there can be the option to actually record the tests on failure.

I did use this a while ago I think with protractor ( which by the way is going to be deprecated).

I will link a short article which may help


Hi Ben,

My team is currently using Zalenium, which is no longer being developed but when Selenium Grid 4.0 (docker-selenium) comes out of beta, that’s what we’ll switch to. These give options to watch tests live and watch recorded tests.

If your app/site can be run locally ( ie. not cloud-based) you could check out Cypress. I don’t have too much experience with this, but I tested it out several years ago and I would have pushed for us to use it, but I’m on a Salesforce project (cloud-based). Cypress not only records tests, but you can go forwards and backwards in the steps in real time.

I hope some of this helps.

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Hi Ben,

If your test is running on a Windows10 machine, you can try the “steps recorder”. It’s included with the OS, but is very little known. It creates a gif of your screen and only records steps when something actually changed on your screen, so the resulting file and system load is much lighter compared to e.g. a video recording tool. You can start it from the start menu by typing “psr.exe” (searching “steps recorder” does not seem to work for me.)

If you do want a video recording tool, shareX might be worth a try.

Cypress actually does this automatically out of the box, which is one of the reasons my team chose it for our automated tests.

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You don’t want to video 2 hours, you want to take a screenshot at the point of assertion failure - Basically in your test teardown. this means you need to organise your test teardown so the screenshot is the 1st thing that happens, before any other teardown of the app and the SUT starts. Cypress and other web tools do this for you automatically. I use Selenium (and Appium), and we added it a one-liner to our test fixtures, but depending on platform and O/S there are a load of other tools that work pretty well cross-platform. Are you looking for a desktop screenshot app for mac/linux and windows? is that it? Desktop screenshots are still a good fallback for browser-based screenshots, because they make it obvious and quick to spot when the fault is that the browser totally borked and did not maximize or hung on you, so don’t discount a desktop screenshot.

A single screenshot is lightweight and although it only answers 90% of the requirement, you will find that it answers 99% of the problem, because nobody wants to wait for and scroll about in a large video file.

Thank you all for your replies and suggestions. I ended up using JitBit and OBS. I was already using JitBit for testing and decided to explore all of it’s features. I installed OBS and setup a recording buffer and if JitBit noticed the program wasn’t running it would send a keyboard command which would trigger OBS to save the last 30 seconds. I really need to move away from using a macro recorder for testing but for now it will suffice. Let’s not talk abut the scuffed version of Shadowplay I coded in C# :laughing:

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Ha Ha, Shadowplay hackery in C# takes the cake! We all have war stories around poor tool choices made as a tester, that’s normal. The ability to go someplace and ask for help is what makes what we do great. Are you a Windows-only shop? I had a look into Automate Tasks With a Macro Recorder , Windows-only tools are an immediate disqualifier for anyone who wants to take over the world at some point in the future :slight_smile:
Glad you found some hints. I am inspired by your building of a “looping recorder” for bugs!