Jira plugins for Exploratory Testing


Has anyone used any Jira plugins for Exploratory Testing?

I know there is a few of the out there but it would be interesting to get some real feedback on some of these



Not Jira @davelaing , but I used a cool tool once that was really good because it recorded each timestamp you added observations and thus allowed you to timebox. And thus let you gauge progress and value on multiple goals really well by just looking at time spent.

But, I’ve not tried any Jira plugins, they all look quite “dear”. I like Jira (a strange idea isn’t it) but I like to completely change my exploratory testing approach each time, so cannot imagine ever sticking to or being beholden to one tool because the only thing that does not change in my exploratory tests is the paragraph I wrote to set out the goal or “charter”, and that fits into a wiki page anyway.

Oh, and finally, welcome to the Club David. Hope you find traction for your exploratory session recordings and other AQ/QE goodness that abounds on this site.


Hi @davelaing ,

Welcome to the community. :wave:t2:

I think @mirza has some experience using Xray’s exploratory testing tool for Jira. Perhaps he might get a chance to share here.


Hi @davelaing

I highly recommend Xray. It works very well for any exploratory testing but also for automation.


Yea @simon_tomes I’ve been using the X-ray Exploratory App for the past few months, and I’m liking it a lot, it has slick UI, you can set up your testing charter (the placeholder temple being used is also nice, based on Elizabeth Hendrickson’s work I believe), you can take screenshots, capture different kinds of notes, record audio, and video - also it can natively integrate with X-ray test management for Jira (it works as a standalone desktop app as well), you can also export PDF reports of your sessions - I’ve found this to be very handy to send over to the stakeholders. And I think (don’t quote me on it, I’m not 100% sure) it can be integrated just with Jira, without X-ray test management, but I haven’t tried that out yet.


Great to hear @mirza. Have you attempted this with a mobile app? If so, what was the experience like in setting up also?


Hey @jesseberkeley I haven’t tried with the mobile app, yet, but I plan to - as soon as I find a bit a spare time.


@jesseberkeley @mirza , as an initial disclaimer, I work at Xray team.
Xray Exploratory App (XEA) allows you to take screenshots ou record videos of the desktop. Whether you’re testing a website, a desktop app, or a mobile app is totally up to you. XEA is not intrusive. So, in terms of mobile, one thing that you can actually do is to make the mobile screen visible on the desktop and test it from the desktop. You can connect your mobile device to the computer and share the screen; in case you’re using an emulator, it’s even more straightforward as it appears on your desktop by default :slight_smile:
There’s a tutorial for iOS+Mac devices; in case of real iOS devices, you can take advantage of Quicktime, for example.
If you’re using Android, it’s also possible; I’ve tried out Vysor for example, but there others.


Just to complement my previous answer, one thing you can do with Xray Exploratory App (XEA) is to capture just the mobile screen :slight_smile:
This makes it more easy for taking evidence. I’ve prepared an example, using my Android connected by USB to Mac OSX , and using the Vysor app (free version) to interact with the mobile and see the screen on my Mac.
Here is an example, where I opened twitter and took a screenshot using XEA.
You can then take text notes, etc, and it will all be logged into XEA, so you can decide what do with that afterward (e.g., export to PDF, share to Xray on Jira, etc).

Disclaimer: I work at Xray team.


@darktelecom While you’re here, do you have handy any guides on how to connect it to Jira? On the Jira I’m using we don’t have Xray test management, it should work without it as well, right?

@mirza , it works but it’s a bit more limited; you can see the available features in that case/“mode” here.
If you have any suggestions concerning that specific usage scenario, please let me/us know, and I’ll pass it to the PO/PM :slight_smile:

In terms of overall test results, you may export it to a PDF and then attach it to some Jira issue, if it makes sense for you. While testing you can create Jira issues though (e.g., bugs).
Note: maybe I or someone should create a course to make it more clear

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Thanks @darktelecom I’ll have to try that out, the course sounds like a good idea, the app is very practical and it can give a concrete idea about exploratory testing to people who are looking to learn more about it, as there are still a lot of those who equate testing to just writing test cases.

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Thanks Conrad, what was the cool tool you used?


Ah, the verenable Simon Tomes co-built it, but it got taken down. The normal problem of people not wanting to “pay” for what a thing what it really is worth. Pretty sure it’s time will come around, I just think TestBuddy peaked a bit too early.


Kind of you to share that about TestBuddy, @conrad.braam. Much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face: