We want to hear your questions for Xray

We’re doing something a bit different with our annual partners (you can read all about what annual partners are and who they are here.

We’re having Ask Me Anythings with our partners, we want to get their questions in ahead of time so they can provide as much value as possible. This is a great opportunity to find out more about Xray in particular - is there a feature you’ve been struggling with? Maybe you want to ask if there are plans for a new addition to their tools? Or you’d like to understand the best way to use their tools and integrate them into your daily testing?

Please add your questions here, thank you in advance for getting involved and taking the time!

Now is your chance :tada: @darktelecom will do his best to answer your questions.


Looking forward to be able to help out and answer questions or at least do my best :slight_smile:


Question about the Exploratory Testing App: is there any way to get a sneak-peak at the upcoming features?


Hi @darktelecom
Would you mind to share how to map an automated test to Generic Test in Jira?
Do you have some sample repo which demo the linking process using JUnit?

I have read the doc from here but still not really understand it.

Thank you in advance :grinning:

P.S. I am using the Cypress


Questions from Crowdcast session today

Elliott Hutchins - I’m head of testing for a large Advertising company. We currently have Testpad which we use to document test cases but it’s not great. having looked into Xray, I really really love it and it looks like it would fit into our JIRA so well. How can I persuade my fellow Eng leads that this is the way we should be going. How is it better? :slight_smile:

Richard Bradshaw - If you could get the whole Xray team working on a new feature next week, what would that feature be?

We use Xray integrated with Jira at my company and a question which has come up, is “is it possible to search for a phrase in xray test steps across multiple tests within a test set?”

Oz Chihwayi - hey Sergio, I’m very new to Xray. Could you please give us a brief X-Ray 101 ? What is Xray and what problems does it solve ,( and opportunities it presents)? How is it different from other products on the market? Can I use Xray without JIRA?

Markus Aretz - Junit report file is very limited and provides only high level results. Any recommendations for better runner/reporter and related xray test types?

Markus Aretz - What about semi-automated test execution like in Tosca? Any pla Any support?

  • Andey Garvey (on Linkedin)

    • I’d like to be able to reuse a test in different Jira tickets without having to clone the test.
  • Florian Rhode (on Linkedin)

  1. I wish the “Test Detail” window for the Gherkin code would be growing with the script size, I see some tables much larger than the 25 lines max, and they become hard to work with due to need for scrolling.

  2. It would be great to get a better way of editing “Scenario Outline” tables in a more excel like fashion, it is very click - mark - copy - paste heavy right now and can get cumbersome on large tables