Anyone out there only use "manual" testing

You are describing my testing career, @larsthomsen ! And you are so right.

And as I’ve pointed out elsewhere, unit testing and automated testing only confirms that the code as written is correct. It takes no account of issues with UI design, implementation, what happens when you stand the app up in a live environment and what happens when it interacts with other systems, live data or - the ultimate test - users, who will do things to the system that no-one would ever anticipate, or even believe. Under those conditions, you need to know that the system will either cope with the unexpected; or if it fails, it does so gracefully, without corrupting data or requiring complex and high-level (read: expensive) intervention.

It’s no good being able to say “We applied all the best unit and automated tests” if the system caused people to lose money, go to prison, or die.


… automated testing only confirms that the code as written is correct

And even not that is guaranteed and becomes often a maintenance hell.

Not always is the automation code adapted to changes in the product. The failures shown are outdated, “hard-wired”, expectation.

At worst you have false positive automation case.
An outdated, not reviewed, automation code hides a real bug in the application.


Ha ha, how true! Before I became a tester I worked for the same company in tech support. I didn’t know it at the time but that was an ideal introduction to the wild and wacky world of what users can do. I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve found undesirable behavior when using the software in entirely unintended ways, and when the devs say “good grief, but why?” in a tone of voice suggesting that perhaps I should be in a straitjacket, I can only say that I’ve seen users do even worse.

Want to get a fresh perspective on crazy things to test? Help out the support team and work with a few end users. It will either open your eyes or drive you to drink. :rofl:


I started out the same way, transitioning from a support role into testing, dealing with the customers directly gave me good insights into how real users behave out there in the wild. :smiley: