Are software Testing Certifications worth it?

(Andy) #83

I have the ISTQB Foundation and the BCS Intermediate certifications, I had to go through them as part of being placed into a test manager role during an IT reorganisation.

Do I refer to them, use the reference material or open the books…nope not really. Sure some of the bits and bobs are kinda fun…boundary value analysis or state diagrams, but really a whole certification for just those little pieces?

In my opinion certifications are not worth it. Although I have been tester, test manager and currently test lead…I still have an enormous amount to learn, testing is an ever increasing field of knowledge. To say that Mr X is a great tester because he has ISTQB or another cert is madness. Sure looks pretty on your CV, but bears absolutely no relation to how good you are as a tester.

Sadly, it appears that in many hiring companies it’s requested as a needed skill (really a skill??). Where I am now it forms part of the progression plan for a Junior Test Analyst to Test Analyst, just seems I cant escape it all sigh

(Kim) #84

Are they worth it??? I haven’t read everyone’s comments and apologies if I repeat but the answer to this question is twofold.

WithIN the actual testing community ISTQB Foundation seems to hold little cred. I paid a firm a ridiculous amount of money for a 2 day course, sat the exam, passed but never really referred to it again.
Trying to get an interview with a recruiter who knows nothing about testing but see’s certification as a means to verify “how good you are” seems to be the norm, so it can potentially open doors to someone starting out.

On the other hand I sat the CAT course which was an intensive 4 days hands on and 1 day of practical and written exam (yes I passed) which I have referred to extensively. I guess it depends on what kind of methodology your company/team uses.

Everyone needs to make that judgement call about what’s best for their own professional roadmap. As for myself the learning will never stop and the key to a good tester is being darn curious about EVERYTHING :slight_smile:

(Andy) #85

Love it…maybe needs to be on a T shirt :slight_smile:

(Patrick) #86

From my perspective… i buyed the book for the CTFL, to prepare myself and started into working in QA some weeks later…

One of the main criticism i´ve heard against the Certifications is that they are outdated or not close to reality. I can say that if you read the CTFL-Book and start in an agile team, working as a tester - you can relate to the criticism but to nothing of the book :wink: (imho)