Freedom to use words rant

(Robert) #21

I was a writer long, long before I was a tester. And that taught me that not everyone uses words as carefully as I do. So I’ve long since stopped being critical of others’ use of language. If I get their meaning, then that’s fine. If I don’t, I’ll politely ask for clarification. I’ll only be critical if I’m being asked to actually proof-read a document that’s going to be released into the Real World, and even then that’ll be criticism of the text, not the person.

(Chris) #22

I didn’t know about that hypothesis, but it turns out I semi-understood it in the form of linguistic relativity. I didn’t know about Arrival, either, so I’ll try to get around to watching it!

(Robert) #24

That sounds like a pretty good definition of testers and what it is that testers do anyway!