Geofence testing on a mobile app - Help needed

Hi All,

I’m working on a mobile app which needs geofence testing.
To be fair I haven’t done any geofence testing before and willing to learn how I can do geofence testing using simulators and any help would be useful.

Any tips / suggestions please do help.

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Hello - can I know what you are exactly testing. I have a lot of experience geo testing and have found that physically triggering the geo fence always works the best and provides the most accurate results. This being said, using something like a geo simulator doesn’t hurt to get a good understanding to how your app is performing.

What geo layer are you using in the app? Something like Pathsense?

I’ve done a lot of geo fence testing on a bike by traveling away from the device only using the mobile phone and app active in my pocket and past 250ft radius to arm the device (was a security device that activates when geo fence is hopped at 250ft).

I’ve also learnt that it’s very dependent on network, model of phone, phone platform i.e. iOS/android and where you are located in terms of mobile masts to help triangulate location etc.

I’ve had issues where even when I have hopped the geo fence, the app has not picked up the movement till a few minutes or sometimes even hours later - usually this is down to triangulation issues, bad signals, latency on phone or network etc.


Hi, we will track the user’s geolocation - our app will identify the frequent train routes of a user and will recommend cheap train tickets for their frequent train journey routes.
I need to know what will be best simulator for geo-fence testing

Hey Mo, welcome on board, good to see you here.

^^ This, probably the most useful hint I have ever been given. Some of my biggest test frustrations has been systems that don’t feedback quickly enough to be useful. I wish I had been told this when I started my tester journeys.

It’s not the 1st time someone has asked, a slightly related question. There is a bit more background ideas in the thread - Any good test ideas for geocoding? and also On Site Appointment Booking Application Testing - #3 by mirthfulman.

I suggest also doing some research into the problems users of similar types of apps have experienced. There was a good write-up about how the Uber app had a feature to determine the users location to aid drivers when it came to picking them up being very buggy and unreliable. I cannot find the blog about it now, but do keep us posted @naveen448 , this is an interesting topic.