Testability Day 1

Define testability! Help me with my 30 days of testability challenge!


Your ability to test in a given context

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One Aspect: Testability is reflected in logs or monitoring

Your ability to verify an element does not exist - as an expected passing result.

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Testability is how easy it is to find / explain the current state of the item in question

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Testability… This is hard but its like this: how easy software is to test. or how easy will it be to find or discover bugs or defects in an application.
at the code level there are ways of writing code that make it impossible to test.
I have come across such code when I was writing unit tests for a Vue Page that had no tests applied to it.

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Did some recent R&D and presented to my QA community here at CDL, Manchester …

“Testability means having reliable and convenient interfaces to drive the execution and verification of tests. (Bret Pettichord, 2002)”

The degree to which a software supports testing in a given test context. (Wikipedia)

Voas (Voas, 1992) defines “software testability” to be a prediction of the probability of software failure occurring due to the existence of a fault.

“Testability means how easy something is to test” (Rob Meaney 2018)

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How easy it is to test something.

The ability to access, observe and control an area of the application that has been changed, and any related areas, so the change can be tested.

Testability is how easy (or difficult) it is conduct an experiment and understand the result in context.

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The ability to execute every path of a given feature and be able to predict/confirm their outcome.

So much included in this such short word of testability. Many have included nifty one sentences that I am jealous of the skills if explain things with so few words! :laughing: Recently I have run into issues regarding lack of testability when system under test does not have way to create test user accounts at all because SUT does not mockup strong authentication via bank systems. This limits both verifying issue reports from end users as well as test fixes and new features produced by the team. Classic defining via an example I reckon?

These answers are amazing thanks everyone!!

Heuristics of software testability
It is not a definition, actually 3 pages, but I found it really useful to understand all the factors that affect testability (it is more than how the code is written or how the architecture is designed)

As promised!