What to automate?

(Kalpesh) #21

The automation requirements define what needs to be automated looking into various aspects. The specific requirements can vary based on product, time and situation, but still, I am trying to sum-up a few generic tips.

Test cases to be automated

  • Tests that need to be run with every build of the application (sanity check, regression)
  • Tests that use multiple data values for the same actions (data driven tests)
  • Complex and time-consuming tests
  • Tests requiring a great deal of precision
  • Tests involving many simple, repetitive steps
  • Testing needed on multiple combinations of OS, DBMS & Browsers
  • Creation of Data & Test Beds

Test cases not to be automated

  • Usability testing – “How easy is the application to use?”
  • One-time testing
  • “ASAP” testing – “We need to test NOW!”
  • Ad hoc/random testing – based on intuition and knowledge of application
  • Device Interface testing
  • Back-end testing

Prioritize those tests that are to be automated, give them weight on risk and ease of automation. Also, make sure you keep a right balance of unit tests and automated functional tests. You can then place them into priority order and plan accordingly.

(Dhvanil) #22

Hello @joannalaine,

Thank you for sharing, really seems important and helpful.