What tools and things do you use to help you with exploratory software testing?

(rafael) #43

Do you have any practice example using xmind? Can you share a real example? Would be great =)

(Stefan) #44

Some interesting articles, videos that could give you the idea:
http://www.inspiredtester.com/inspired-tester-blog/visual-test-models with the example:

(Andy) #45

VUE and KeepNote are two of my favourite ones, not least because they are cross platform as I use both Windows and Linux.



(Kolapo) #46

I think building a mind map when doing exploratory testing helps with the process.

You might be interrupted mid way and still be able to continue where you left off with a mind map

(Sequoia) #47

I’m a little late to this one, but I have a fairly simple setup. Aside from a notebook and pen for quick notes and things to think about later:

I use Onenote to jot down notes from exploratory testing sessions, using a simple template - it’s useful to be able to organise the different pages in specific notebooks/tabs as I also use Onenote for my other testing. It’s easy to attach copies of files produced by the session, e.g. csv and pdf exports. I’ve also found tagging useful as you can apply several tags to one paragraph so I tend to tag pass/fail/question/ideas to easily search for them later or see at a glance how something looks overall.

I’ve started using Loom to record the test sessions as I’ve found it’s much quicker than taking screenshots and typing out what I was doing at the time. It’s easy to share videos and I’ve found it useful to be able to check exactly what I did before finding something that turned out to be a bug.

And, of course, the web app I test is only supported on Chrome so I use the developer tools as well.