Who's this Karl fellow?

Hi everyone!

I’m the technical co-founder of a remote-first company that creates software for researchers to keep up to date with peer-reviewed journal articles, and we build the backend, the front-end app that runs in a web browser, and native mobile apps.

I discovered the Ministry of Testing thanks to the Boston chapter’s meetup group, and have attended a couple of the events and had a great time!

My team is finally getting around to hiring our first dedicated QA engineer, so I’m on here to educate myself about what helps a QA engineer do their job, what kinds of responsibilities different QA engineers may have, what I can do as a team lead to help QA engineers be most effective, and to better understand some of the expectations that both a candidate might have for my company and what our company should have for a QA person.

Our team generally practices TDD, so learning better practices around that would be fantastic, too!


Hi Karl, James Bach and Michael Bolton released and update to their Rapid Software Testing (RST) methodology last year (http://www.satisfice.com/rst-appendices.pdf) and on page 3 (PDF page 7) they outline the differences between ‘Factory Testing’ and RST. This starts with the contrast between a product being an technical artefact (Factory) verses, products are solutions fulfilling some need (RST).

If you review those differences and find you lean towards one side or the other that should help you with your job description to attract someone who aligns with your views. Good luck in your search

Welcome Karl :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much Adrian and Heather! I appreciate the insights and links to more information.

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