My name is Christopher Lampert and I am a tester with over 6 years experience in the tech industry.

I have a wonderful wife and a 21 month old son who make every day worthwhile.

As far as tech goes I’ve always been interested in computers since a young age.

My passion for testing occurred by accident as I originally had plans to go down the path of a developer. My desire for learning and professional curiosity led me down the testing path however and I have never looked back since!

I still enjoy coding and am always keen to understand how I can use the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years to help me in my quest to become a better tester.

I am currently focusing on a number of things including, understanding how to better utilise exploratory testing in my daily work, driving change within my organisation in regards to web accessibility and honing my knowledge of Java allowing me to work closer and more effectively with the developers in my team.