30 Days of API Testing Day 12: Share what skills a team needs to succeed with API testing

(Duong) #1

I thinks some below skills are important:

  • Research skill for finding the best tool combination solutions
  • Scripting skill for API automation testing
  • Know how to use browsers DevTools/Fiddler/Charles to discover what application is calling directly

(Nagesh) #2

I have listed some skills required to do API testing in one of my previous post as pre-requisites.

Skills require for API testing

Most importantly, we should understand the business requirement or the business value of each and every operation which we are going to test in that API in order to succeed with API/any kind of testing.

(Ilya Lychkou) #3

I agree with previous answers. To perform API testing well you need following skills:

  • ability to understand business logic of service and locate real users scenarios,
  • know and understand basic rules of creating good API, how http works, how to creat JSON/XML file,
  • ability to find out how business logic should resolve by API from existing documentation and talk with developers,
  • ability to design tests that are relevant for API,
  • know how to use tools that are good for particular test tasks (Charles, Postman, JMeter, etc.),
  • ability to coding to perform automation API testing,
  • ability to analyze results of tests and how to update existing test suits after API changes.

(David) #4

I perused a number of job listings for API testing and found the following things generally in common:

  • Working knowledge of different types of API’s, obviously
  • All around good testing skills, test plan development, etc.
  • Scripting/programming knowledge in one or more languages
  • Database skills (SQL) came up a lot
  • Exposure to Swagger, Postman, SoapUI or similar, previously mentioned
  • Test Frameworks including BDD
  • Cloud Native Frameworks I saw one job listing asking for: Kubernetes / Docker / Rancher / Consul / Vault / Salt Stack / Jenkins / Terraform / AWS / Jaeger / gRPC / Istio / Calico / Envoy

That’s quite a list!

-Dave K

(Claire Mackerras) #5

Skills a team requires to succeed with API testing

Here are some traits that an API testing team should be mastered in:

  • With a view to stay competitive, testers should acquire to be analytical, rational and logical since these traits when implemented while testing aids them to detect errors, perceive the complexities, evaluate the unfamiliar behavior of the application and test them consequently.

  • Social Networking skills are pretty much essential for any expert in any industry. Since social networks offer instant access to content, resources and discussions, honing skills in this area definitely assist software testers to engross with counterparts, acknowledge new things, and stay up-to-date with the latest information.

  • When we speak about programming, it isn’t that testers need to act like a developer, but it is vital to understand the nitty-gritty of the application so that it becomes easy to perceive it’s functioning and build tests accordingly.

(Heather) #6

From the people participating on Twitter:

(Trang Ta) #7

To succeed with API testing,in my opinion, a team needs skills:

  • Aware of API testing techniques and usage of API tools.
  • Programming skills to understand codes
  • Exploratory testing to research, explore & understand requirement
  • The software lifecycle management skills: understand the application development tasks and plan testing cycles easily.
  • The manual skills: analyses & identify scenario, test suites, test cases
  • Team work
  • Independent Working*

(Thanh) #8

My thought about skills in need to succeed with API testing is the same first 2 ideals of @oceannguyen. Besides, I think exploring the product, learning and adaptability are also important and necessary.

(Thao) #9

I think the skills as below will useful:

  • Understand the purpose of API, the input/output, the workflow of the application, the features and functions, the business logic …

  • Understand the basic knowledge about API, ex: the method, request, response …

  • Able to create test scenario, test cases, test suites

  • Research skill

  • Scripting skill

(Tuan Tran) #10

I think to succeed with the API testing the team should has:

  • Research skill.
  • Exploratory testing skill.
  • Automation skill.
  • Document skill.

(KMS Nam Nguyen) #11

I thinks some below skills are important with the API testing the team:

  • Research skills for finding the Ideas/Solution/Best Practices/Tools.

  • Exploratory testing skill to learnt more about the unknown of API business roles and logics.

  • Know how to use browsers DevTools/Fiddler/Charles to discover what application is calling directly.

  • Final is * Automation skill for API automation testing(any languages dependent your project)