30 Days of API Testing Day 5: Publicly Available APIs to Practice API Testing

WireMock is a good example

Awesome, it’s so hard to find a SOAP API to practice on! Thanks @lada.flac :slight_smile:

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I recently found this simple employee API for testing

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@lada.flac good resource but I’m getting some soap error returned. Can you share a working example of calling one of the services please?

Request headers
Request body

I will try later today and let you know. I remember for sure that at least findAllUsers was working fine.
Which one did you try?

Added Twilio to the list:

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I’m surprised no one mentioned this already: there’s a Pokemon API you can test out with.

There’s good amount of documentation and a place to practice with.


Hi Luke, I posted my test results here: 30 Days of API Testing Day 7: Complete Exercise 1
The requests are successful. I generated them from wsdl using SoapUI, I just had to replace the question marks with actual values.

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Awesome stuff, thanks @lada.flac

I use JSON Server to create fake REST API to practice. It is very easy to install, use and can practice on your local machine (does not depend on any public sites).


Below is to practice api testing available online with some good documentation.


@sandeep.tester Looks like this API is a good start for beginners :+1:

Here I am adding the repo of this api, hope it helps the participants to understand some internal stuff of this api.


I’ve been using the Meetup API in order to conveniently interrogate the raw data for Liverpool Tester Gathering. Authentic problems help me learn :slight_smile:


I would like to recommend some public APIs as below

Or you could consider to create Mock Server to simulate real API for practice purpose by using

  • PostMan
  • Swagger

I tried, they are easy to use


I am considering this is a useful resource for us to practice API Testing

It is a step-by-step instruction. Please see the below screenshot for an example of GET method.


Task is Contribute to the list of publicly available APIs over on The Club, that we can utilise to practice API testing.

I wrote about it on my blog.


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Adding some suggestions from Twitter:

At site https://any-api.com you can get many public APIs from Google, Youtube. It is very easy to use and practice more.


Hi oceannguyen,

Good sharing

With JSON Server, look like it just can work on local machine, is there any way to public it then I can share with my friends to practice on it?


Hi @hongle,

Good question, you can install JSON Server on a server and public it to anyone using below command line

$ json-server --watch db.json --host <<server_ip>>

You can refer CLI usage for more details.