30 Days of API Testing Day 6: Interesting Blog Post On API Testing

(Heather) #1

30 Days of API Testing Day 6 task is:

Read and share an interesting blog post on API testing.

I had fun with this one. In the end, I chose a blog post from @ambertests which couples Postman, the Big List of Naughty Strings and Reese’s chocolate!

Reasons I found this interesting:

  1. I love exploratory testing with the Naughty Strings list. I have tried manually using it with Swagger in the past so I was really interested to find a way to essentially automate this and get to the fun of exploring the results even quicker.
  2. I’ve tried playing around with Postman in the past with mixed results. I like the way Amber has added screenshots so I can compare what I have on my screen with what she had on hers.

30 Days of API Testing Day 19: A useful API testing video
(Will) #2

This blog by Prashant Hedge gives a good overview of some of the features in Postman that take it from a basic call making tool, to one that can run more advanced tests:

(Ilya Lychkou) #3

I like this post about REST api testing via JMETER. Every good tester should be familar with several api testing tools (POST, JMETER, etc.), so the post is really usefull.

(Srivasavi) #4


Bellow is the blog which i found very interesting, setting up request using PostMan and other end-2-end stuff.

(Heather) #5

For those interested in Marvel and API Testing, API Fortress also have a pretty cool blog post that links the two

(Colin Ameigh) #6

I was checking to see if I could find a “collection runner” equivalent in a non-postman tool, and found eviltester’s post about using postman and insomnia as part of his workflow.

(Helena) #7

I liked reading this blog from TestDevLab:

(Jeanne) #8


(Duong) #9

I’m a newbie in API Testing, this checklist help me to start with it:

API Testing Checklist: 10 Steps to Start API Testing

(Sandeep Garg) #10

Dear community members,

Thanks to all who have shared and who continue sharing in future as well. The blog posts shared so far, are informative. The resource I am sharing here is an article and my personal favorite. In author’s words ‘Migrating blog posts I wrote over the years on TestingGeek.com to Linked-In’


The above-listed URL is an excellent source of test ideas (high level as well as specific) that helps in understanding API Testing in a structured way well.

(David) #11

Since some of us are reading Alan Richardson’s book, his blog is definitely worth a look too:


Since I am learning POSTman, I found this article on snippets to be of interest: http://blog.eviltester.com/2018/11/using-postman-snippets.html

(Nagesh) #12

Below post will be interesting to read :smiley:

(Nagesh) #13

(duncs) #14

I went down a (positive) rathole on Nordic APIs site & found several interesting posts. These 2 stood out for me:

(post 1/3)

(duncs) #15

Mulesoft also has a stack of interesting posts, but I’ll choose this one:

(duncs) #16

And to overcome the vendor bias - I’m also sharing a post from Danny Dainton on using Fiddler with Postman to set environments. I chose this post because setting environments is something I could have used in a previous role so I imagine I’ll need it again… :slight_smile:

(Lada) #17

Hi Duncan, could you please check this link? It leads to Nordic APIs blog page…

(duncs) #18

Good catch - copy paste fail. Thank you Lada :slight_smile:

(Tu Anh Nguyen - KMS) #19

Softwaretestinghelp.com is a very fast growing blog on software testing which is founded by Vijay. It includes many topics which contain automation testing, manual testing and web testing. And there is an interesting API Testing topic “Making API Testing Simple with Katalon Studio” that I am really keen on.

(Huyen Truong) #20

I like this too, thank you