30 Days of API Testing - Day 10: Share your favorite API testing tools and why

Well, I have been doing this for about a week. I’ve used Postman, curl, and python to send requests, and have been playing with Fiddler to capture HTTP traffic. I am aware of many more, but I am just trying to get a handle on these!


I use:

  • Postman, because of its simple intuitive interface, abitity to set up http requests parameters and perform autotests (if needed)
  • Fiddler, because of its convenient way of capturing http/https traffic, set up breakpoints or autoresponses (to change response parameters if needed for tests), set up filters for traffic, etc.
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I was using Advanced Rest Client plugin for Chrome browser, but later I shifted to PostMan because of the below reasons.

  • We can easily create and manage testSuites called Collections
  • Global variable for storing data to mask and also use in other tests
  • Storing information for running tests in different environments
  • Export tests & env’s and import into another device is easy
  • Invite team members to collaborate
  • Set and run tests in multiple iterations.

One more important point i missed to share in my previous post is :

PostMan supports

  • Command line execution using NewMan which resides in NPM Registry which helps integrating with CI tool.

Attached is the screenshot which shows Demo testSuite/collection execution using NewMan from terminal using collection.json and environment.json files


I have recently started learning more about Fiddler and Postman. I like the simple understanding how to start learning with these tools.

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I have started using postman , recently .
All thanks to #30daysofTesting

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I prefer using Katalon Studio. Before learning API testing, I has learned Katalon to do Automation testing. It has a friendly UI and is very easy to use. It fully supports Web, Android, iOS and API testing on all operating system. So I also use this tool to learn API tesing.

I completed exercise 1 using Katalon.

But I think the most powerful feature of this tool is Custom Keyword. This feature help users create their own keywords to solve their business logic issues which no any automation tool can handle.

That why I choose Katalon Studio for Automation testing as well as API testing :blush:.


I’m like a broken record but my favourite API testing tool is Rest Assured. It’s a Java library that provides a fluent interface for making API calls and testing their responses.

Our APIs at work have a fairly complex series of actions that need to take place outside the API for them to update state, so something like Postman or SoapUI wouldn’t work very well for our needs.

As a Java library, we can combine Rest Assured with all of our other automation code, allowing us to test those complex scenarios.


Using Postman for manual and python for Automation. Tried collections in postman and need to learn more to use it more effectively

I’m wondering if (seeing how they’ve sponsored this challenge) anyone has API Fortress on their list?

My favorite API testing tool is Postman. When joining a web project, I was introduced to the Postman tool to manually verify the APIs and I found that it is stable, easy to use and tremendous beneficial. I have no problem with it so far.
Recently, my colleagues have told me about Katalon. There are lots of advances in Katalon, it is not only offering API but also Web and Mobile Testing.


I use Postman simple because it’s easy to use. Once in a while I use curl

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Some suggestions from Twitter:

I have been on the hunt for the perfect API testing tool out there that seamlessly integrates into monitoring. One of the biggest challenges I’ve found is the fact I have to manually generate my test scripts for my API each time in code.

This is okay for a single API but when dealing with thousands it becomes a bottle neck. I am currently using API Connect Test & Monitor as my primary tool. Everything can be done with zero code via visual composer and tests and automatically generated for you.

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I use rest client for chrome cz i feel its very easy simple to use and understand. Thinking to explore postman.

I use &prefer Readyapi for Regression & Performance testing of existing code… However for new & daily on going implementations I use Postman as its easy to use, lightweight and user friendly. By the way postman is continuously chasing soapui in various aspects & doing good in this regard

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Has to be Postman for me - its the tool I’m most familiar with as it is the tool of choice for those programmers I have worked with. Using the same tool helps with collaboration & sharing assets - a programmer can navigate around my instance of postman as well as they can on their instance.

I do also use Fiddler for real time monitoring of traffic between browser & server.


Day 10: Share your favourite API testing tools and why. #30DaysofAPITesting


My favorite API testing tool is Katalon because it’s simple to using and it’s support to create test cases & test suites so it help to manage scripts better. Besides, Katalon Studio 5.7 includes BDD testing. However,now it’s only supporting OAuth1.0, testing OAuth2.0 should use Postman. I hope it will release to support OAuth2.0 as soon as.


My first tool used for API checking is Postman, just did some steps following requirement and checked the response. At that time, I felt Postman easy to use and it’s pretty. And now, I feel it’s also powerful.

Recently, I have tried some other API testing tools, and be interested in Katalon. Beside some same common features as others, in Katalon, I also can structure API testing into test cases, test suites to manage them.

I think these 2 tools are good and friendly.