30 Days of API Testing - Day 10: Share your favorite API testing tools and why

(Thao) #21

I’m a newbie in automation testing, so I chose Postman because it is easy to use, the tool can track information and data for each running test.

(Kieran) #22

I don’t have to do much API testing, mainly just exploratory. So I like using Restlet because it is so easy to use. If I require more, I tend to use SoapUI next, which is again really easy to use for a newbie.

(Tuan Tran) #23

I’d like to share my favorite tools for API testing is Postman because:

  • It support environment URL, parameter, API key… I don’t do too much thing when switch to other environment like dev, qa, pre-prod, prod…
  • Support fully authentication type. And it is easy to use
  • Support MOCK server

Another one I’d like to share is Katalon. My current project uses this tools for web automation testing. But recently, Katalon is also support API testing. So it is better to do many testing type on one tool.

(Felipe) #24

I have to say Postman because it’s the one I’ve used the most so far and not only is it very user-friendly, it has a huge user-base and various resources for education/customization online. Charles is another software I really enjoy because it makes it easy to explore and analyse API calls and even modify them on-the-fly using rules.

(KMS Nam Nguyen) #25

My favorite API testing tool is Postman, because:

  • First, this is the first tool i’d learnt and work with the API testing tasks.
  • This tool support environment URL, parameter, API token, API scripting, execute script.
  • Support fully authentication type. And it is easy to use.
    Just one tool I 's like to share, this is Katalon. This tool is strong and good for another who interested in API Automation testing. This tool is better to help you can do many automation testing type on one tool(API automation testing, functional and non-functional testing…). Also, This support to Data driven testing when implement script.

(Dong) #26

Postman. are. awesome!

I usually use Fiddler to capture the requests, responds, then mimic them in Postman. After that using the “Code” function to generate Python script then using further with my automation tool. And Postman GUI is getting better every update.

A tool that worth to mention here is Katalon. Not only can do API testing but also Web Automation testing, Mobile testing, Continuous testing (integration with JIRA, Jenkin, Docker,…) Powerful tool if fully utilized.