30 Days of DevOps Day 10: Tools

For Day 10 of 30 Days of DevOps we’re given the mission to find out about tools:

Find out what tools your company/team uses to do logging, monitoring, tracing, analytics, and/or observability. Choose one to learn about and share on the Club.

What tools are your team using? Which of those tools did you choose to learn about?

CloudWatch Log Groups, Cloudtrail, SNS for alerting… all in AWS. I’ll be honest, it’s not an area I’ve mastered yet and I find looking at CloudWatch logs to be a painful experience.

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From Twitter:

I know we have CloudWatch but I haven’t seen it yet. We have several tools built into our product, plus we have PowerBI and Snowflake, and ELK stack is pretty new but getting traction. I heard today of something called “Canvas” in Elastic for reporting. I’m quite overwhelmed with it all at the moment!

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