30 Days Of Ecommerce Testing Day 9: Tools

(Chris) #21

Ok, so let’s add a few that are not here yet (although they’re not always my favourite, esp. the first one):

  1. personal brain - useful not only for e-commerce, allows building domain knowledge, has limits when you try to get out of your heuristics but, at the same time, it’s the only thing that allows you to do so (and thus constantly get out of checking and return to testing)
  2. other ecommerces: for generating potentially viable business/ux test cases
  3. charles/fiddler - for monitoring traffic as well as manipulating connection & responses

(Kris) #22

All answers I agree with and have been so useful for me in e-commerce testing. I love those free tools: Bug Magnet, Modify Headers and of course Dev Tools.