30 Days of Quality Day 12: Visualisation

Today’s challenge in 30 Days of Quality:

Create a visualisation that can help describe the different aspects of ‘Quality’

A picture paints a thousand words after all :wink:

Whether you created a mind map, drew a picture that means something to you or something else, what visualisation did you come up with?

Here is my visualisation of quality. I used the 8 dimensions of quality, and placed them on a pyramid. This works in a way similar to Maslows Hierarchy of Needs. The ‘needs’ that appear on the lower levels of the pyramid have to be achieved before those on the levels above it.

The basic needs, dimensions that affect the way the application works, appear at the bottom of the pyramid. Without these, the entire structure of the pyramid is impacted.

Perceived quality appears at the top as it is impacted by each of the other 7 dimensions.



I love this!!! thanks @lgibbs !!

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